• There are no limits to the size of teams, but we find that teams of 3-5 people work better for hackathons. Also, only 5 people per team will qualify for prizes if they win.
  • Participants must sign up for the event in Eventbrite and sign all of the waivers in order to to participate.
  • Participants may come and go as they like during the event. However, high school students must depart by 11:30pm Saturday night and may return at 6:00am Sunday morning.
  • All code must be created during the event. Use of open source libraries are allowed as long as the project is publicly available. Use of commercial software is also allowed.
  • Use of design mocks or wireframes will not be allowed during the presentation. We want real working software and apps.
  • Presentations will be strictly limited to 5 minutes with an additional 2 minutes for questions from the judges.
  • Participants must provide their own laptops, and mobile/tablet devices for use during the event.
  • Come on your own or create a team. We also want to encourage collaboration among attendees so if you find a team or person with a valuable asset to support your idea/concept, feel free to team up when you arrive.
  • External hard drives are permitted for the hacking event itself. If you want a power strip bring it!

Click here to review agreements and download the legal forms you must fill out to participate.